Packing List

Ok dear readers, now is the time to come forward and let me know what you think I may have forgotten to pack for our Coast to Coast.

1) Moleskin Journal. Sorry dear readers, a vacation means a vacation from everything and that include blogging and all other electronic communication. We have a firm rule between the two of us about these sorts of things and only in cases of dire emergency do we update others on our travels, such as the time I accidentally left my cell phone by the side of the road at a picturesque rest stop in Montana. A kind gentleman found my phone, punched in Home and got my mother, whom I am pretty sure had no idea that I was even in Montana. The man said “I have your phone?” To which my mom who has never had a cell phone replied, “I don’t have a cell phone, I don’t want a cell phone and I don’t appreciate solicitations after 5pm.” The man then said, “Well do you know hot Gina?” My mother, paralyzed with fear as to how this strange man from Montana knew about her daughter, asked “How do you know Gina?” The man sighed and said ” I found a phone by the side of the road and the banner message inside said ‘Gina is Hot'” Of course this is a message my friend wrote into my phone many years ago that I thought was funny and I kept it there, something which no one really knows. Due to this benevolent man and my mother’s ingenuity they managed to get my phone mailed home to me and I was able to repay him, with interest, the cost of the “If it Fits it Ships” US Postal Box. So for these extreme circumstances where you have lost your cell phone and your parents are scared bejesus that you were attacked roadside in rural Montana, then, yes, those are the times that we will update others electronically about our day to day travel plans. Barring any of those unforeseen circumstances, you can read about our travels, post trip, right here at 30WaysofWalking. (Aside: if you want to insure that a lost phone is returned to you, always have a message inside that reads “<your name> is hot!” I have lost my phone more times then I am willing to admit and it is returned to me each time because the guy who found it wanted to meet “hot Gina.”

2) Garmin Compass, kindly loaned to us by a friend

3) An international cell phone with UK charger, courtesy of my mobile carrier (thanks to those who steered me in this direction, you know who you are;)

4) Nikon DSLR (thank you to all those who who wrote to me with camera suggestions!)

5) A copy of Strayed’s Wild (thank you to those who helped me choose books along the way).

6) Long Distance Route Coast to Coast Xt40 Map (West: St Bees to Keld and East: Keld to Robin Hood’s Bay)

7) M. Wainwright’s The Coast to Coast Walk and Stedman’s Coast to Coast Path

8) Packhorse Itinerary of  Bed and Breakfasts, plus two sets of baggage tags for each stay.

9) Packhorse Baggage Transfer Documents (which as I type this I realize I have not yet properly and thoroughly read)

10) Airline Ticket Confirmation

11) First Trans-Penine Express Train Ticket Confirmation from Manchester to St. Bees

12) First Trans-Penine Express Train Ticket Confirmation from Scarborough to Manchester (must enquire at Robin Hood’s Bay about the bus to Scarborough)

13) Manchester Hotel Confirmation

14) Sandwich bags and Ziplock bags for refuse

15) Hand Sanitizing Wipes and Baby Wipes (see item #14)

16) Sunblock SPF 50

17) Gum for the plane

18) NeilMed and all other allergy medications

19) 32 Double A Batteries

20) Chapstick

21) Triple Antibiotic Ointment

22) Contact Lenses Kit and Glasses and Sunglasses

23) After bite Baking Soda Gel

24) Ace Sports Tape

25) Ace Self Adhering Bandage

26) Gold Bond

27) Extra Shoe Laces

28) Gauze Pads

29) Advil

30) Tweezers

31) Emergency Survival Horn (aka Big Whistle)

32) FirstAid Waterproof Tape

33) Comb, Shampoo, Conditioner, Gel, Headbands and Hair ties

34) Fleece Gloves for my skin (two pairs because I always manage to lose my gloves)

35) Vaseline for blister protection

36) Second Skin Blister Dressing Kit

37) Moleskin Blister Dressings

38) Second Skin Blister Pads

39) 2 Daypacks with bladder (aka camelback water supply).

40) Two Headlamps

41) Two pairs of hiking boots (all broken in!)

42) Smartwool PHD and Wigwam Socks

43) Sports Bras and Waterwicking Undies

44) Smartwool Base Layers in Long and Short Sleeves

45) Northface Polartec Fleece with pit zips

46) Rain Coats and Rain Pants

47) EMS Breakaway Pants (the kind that convert to shorts)

48) Passports

49) State Issued ID

50) Credit Card used to book the travel and debit card with chip and pin!

51) My St. Therese Medal, blessed by my favorite Pope John Paul II in hopes that I do not encounter the black adder. WordPress allows bloggers to view statistics about their blog, for example how many folks read your post and how they found your site. Embarrassingly many folks find my site by googling “Dirtiest Bits of 50 Shades of Grey“, but as my husband points out “although they started off looking for something else (to say the least) they found their way to you and kept reading.” I am MORE disturbed; however, that there has been an increase in folks googling “Black Adder Bites” and finding their way to my blog. Are Black Adder bites increasing? Is there a Black Adder influx in the UK? Why are so many people thinking about the Black Adder right now just as we are about to leave? If you have any important information for me on the state of the Black Adder in the UK, please let me know, particularly if there is some type of protection I should bring (I am half kidding and half serious).

Otherwise, dear reader, my head is in a bit of a twist as I am working quite steadily up and until a few hours before my departure. Please let me know if you see any glaring oversights. C2C is almost here!!


About 30 Ways of Walking

Gina Liotta's writing has appeared in or is forthcoming in The New York Quarterly, Slate, The Paterson Literary Review, LIPS, and The Healing Muse, among others. She lives, writes and teaches in New York.
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8 Responses to Packing List

  1. Best of luck Gina and as far as I know British adders are not lethal – but you piqued my curiosity and now I’m sending you a link to the wiki on the British adder 🙂

  2. The weather here in Yorkshire has been extremely wet of late, with localised flooding in some areas. I’d recommend buying a bivouac bag or some kind of groundsheet in case you get caught on open moor in the rain. It may calm down before you arrive but it’s best to be safe.

  3. shornrapunzel says:

    A flashlight, in case you walk more slowly one day or another?

  4. seclectic says:

    I note that you are using Packhorse which will be almost essential judging by your packing list. I am a backpacker so I was starting to goggle. I suspect 32 Double batteries might be overkill but I don’t know what your electric equipment needs. Recent weather suggests you could lighten up on sunblock. I did not see a pencil or pen on the list but that might just be a given. Even when backpacking I always have a pair of light weight shoes for the evening, I use crocs. I find a hat useful also. I don’t recall a water bottle but again this might be implicit. A safety pin is always useful and I use one to drape overnight washing on my back pack to dry, if it is not raining, of course.
    I hope you have a really great and memorable time and look forward to reading your blog.

    • Thank you! Yes, we’re using packhorse for accommodation as well. You raised some excellent point about the safety pins and the light weight shoes. Noted! Thank you again for all of your many helpful comments along the way.


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