Walking in the Rain

The past week or so has been so incredibly busy as we prepare for our trip! It’s only a few days away and it seems that even with careful consideration  and planning in the months leading up to it, there is still so much to do. So in the interim between this post and my last, I turned 30 and am officially a trentagenarian. Turning 30 while away on a business trip that kept me pre-occupied most of the day was perhaps the most brilliant way to spend the actual day. I was so busy that I didn’t have much time to be reflective; I simply became 30, without a single tear! So, yes, I did not grow horns or any sort of excrescence and to be 30, is the same as being 29, except that now that I am 30, I am about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

We’ve had some unseasonably rainy weather in NYC <cough-global warming-cough> so most of our weekend walks have occurred in the rain. Not a drizzle and mist, romantic evening on Lake Geneva sort of rain, but barrel-full, drenching, breezy cold rain.  Walking the Coast to Coast means an acceptance of all kinds of weather; therefore, this sort of practice is necessary.

We’ve been talking quite a bit about our own fears of disappointment and mortality; what if we cannot finish the Coast to Coast? The task before us is quite daunting, but we need to carry forward as if there is nothing to fear. We’ve paid a handsome sum for the adventure. We’ve re-organized work schedules. We’ve broadcast to everyone we know that we will walk England Coast to Coast. There is no turning back.

This is why we’ve been walking in the rain, something quite difficult for someone with my skin condition, but something so very necessary. We need to do the things that frighten us, that move us to the periphery of our comfort; we need to feel alive.


About 30 Ways of Walking

Gina Liotta's writing has appeared in or is forthcoming in The New York Quarterly, Slate, The Paterson Literary Review, LIPS, and The Healing Muse, among others. She lives, writes and teaches in New York.
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