Anyone Know Anything About the Old Mill in Egton Bridge?

We just got our itinerary from Packhorse and spent last night exploring each of our hotels online. Although I came of age in the internet generation, I never cease to be amazed by what is possible. We spent several hours exploring the menu of the restaurants where we might eat and viewing the roads where we might walk. I am particularly looking forward to staying at the Dale Lodge in  Grasmere. I am a sucker for hot tubs and I often arrange most of our vacations and trip around hotels that include a hot tub. When my husband earned his PhD, I even coordinated a dissertation vacation that involved a weekend resort in the Columbia River Gorge with four different kinds of hot tubs and trails to natural hot springs, one of the best things about living in the Pacific Northwest.

There is, however, one hotel for which we cannot yet find any information: The Old Mill in Egton Bridge. Despite our intense research The Old Mill remains a  bit of a myserty in an age when it seems that mysteries and surprises and secrets have gone by the wayside. Part of me just wants to be surprised, while the other part is so deeply intrigued as to why the Old Mill does not yet have a web presence or history that I feel compelled to throw it out there to you, dear reader, in case you have any pertinent advice.


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4 Responses to Anyone Know Anything About the Old Mill in Egton Bridge?

  1. sgyoung says:

    Not me. But my advice (if it were my trip) would be to leave the mystery, only because while you are walking your mind will wander again and again to the mystery of the place and whether it will be ordinary or different, memorable in its uniqueness or just a place that doesn’t believe in computers. And then it will give you no end of entertainment as you wonder and wonder.

    • Yes, I think we’re leaning toward enjoying the mystery. If anyone knows of something truly terrible that we should avoid, we’d prefer to know (you know operated by the same man who ran the Bates Motel, etc). Short of any Psycho allusions, yes, the mystery sounds like the way to go.

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